Lord Of The Flies

a fucking smelly bastard that hangs around at tafe and fucken stinks...
Gareth: damn daniel wynter is lotf today

Nathan: fuck yeah... smelly fucker i wish he would take a bath...
by Gareth Littlehales November 21, 2004
Laughing on the Floor
Person #1: Omg, that was so hilar!
Person #2: Ikr? I'm LOTF!
by jonnjonn141 February 13, 2009
Loling Onto The Floor
Sam: Dude, that shit is frickin hilarious!!
Amanda: I know! I'm totally LOTF.
by professionalloler25 July 25, 2011
a(n) statement refering to laughing out the face, also to all the gay refrences in lord of the flies.
that kid is so gay...Lotf.
by slikshot6 January 27, 2009
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