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3 definitions by jonnjonn141

The act of creating your own word, and later submitting its definition to Also referred to as "U.D." for short.
Bob: Dude, I totally made up this amazing word!
Joe: Really, what is it?
Bob: Kadlrkyasoh!!
Joe: Yo dude, you better Urban-Dictionize that.
Bob: Yeah man, I'm totally gonna U.D. it 2nite..
by jonnjonn141 February 17, 2009
4 0
Laughing on the Floor
Person #1: Omg, that was so hilar!
Person #2: Ikr? I'm LOTF!
by jonnjonn141 February 13, 2009
13 9
Textual Laugh Attack

When you receive a message that's so hilarious you laugh out loud and type in HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH as you text. This is known as a textual laugh attack.
Person #1: Hey, guess what?
Person #2: What?
Person #1: Penis!
Person #1: omg, you just TLA'd!
by jonnjonn141 February 13, 2009
15 39