Stands for Like my status
Used in social networks which have status updates that have a like function. Ex. MyYearbook
Status update: bored, if you want me to message you LMS
#status #update #like #facebook #comment #add
by FullLockDown October 20, 2011
Short for Last Man Standing which is a entertaining game normally played on the forum of Mafia Death. Participants join the game by replying to the thread with their user id, and are automatically assigned a number. When there is enough participants, the game begins!

A number is randomly selected (normally by random.org), and the participant assigned to that number is eliminated. The game continues until there is only one (1) participant remaining.
Daniel Tosh has entered the LMS contest as #1
Puppy has entered the LMS contest as #2
~ GEH™ has entered the LMS contest as #3
Suiciding has entered the LMS contest as #4
Nitrored has entered the LMS contest as #5
Boner for FM! has entered the LMS contest as #6
••••Lucy•••• has entered the LMS contest as #7
Smoke has entered the LMS contest as #8
Mr.Pothead has entered the LMS contest as #9

LMS Game is starting...

Smoke has been eliminated.
Mr.Pothead has been eliminated.
Puppy has been eliminated.
Boner for FM! has been eliminated.
••••Lucy•••• has been eliminated.
Daniel Tosh has been eliminated.
~ GEH™ has been eliminated.
Suiciding has been eliminated.
Nitrored is the Last Man Standing, and has won!
#lms #last man standing #mafia death #md #forum #game
by md3.MafiaDeath.com May 23, 2011
last man standing

we use it in modern warfare 2 multiplayer in search and destroy when someone of one team is still alive
player 1: you are the lms try to defiuse the bomb

player 2: i'm near to do it
#mw2 #multimlayer #lms #last #man #standing #fps
by TheWaterOfTheMind January 12, 2011
Lost My Shit
"I let out a ripper fart, only to realise I wasn't alone in the bathroom..."

Can be used in place of 'LOL', 'LMAO', 'LMFAO' etc
#lms #lol #lmao #lmfao #rofl
by RockaDee January 08, 2012
Short for Land Mine System a Militeary Weapon used for killing enemy hostiles who pass by them Also a Killstreak reward In MW3
I just planted a LMS in the Enemys Location
#lms #mw3 #like #my #status #urban
by paulcarrillo226 PvTails December 31, 2011
Lack of Motivation Syndrome -

1. The feeling one gets upon the realization that he or she does not want to complete any additional task for the remainder of the day.

2. The daily chronic behavior of someone that does not want to complete any task given to them by another (either co-worker, boss, or spouse).
I am suffering from a severe case of LMS and do not want to finish these reports for my boss.
My LMS must be kicking in because I do not want to mow the yard.
#lazy #tired #work #boss #spouse
by Gump2820 September 08, 2010
Lick my Stapler

An acronym commonly used on Facebook implying that if you perform an entertaining yet stupid act for someone, they will do something for you.
LMS and I will say something on your wall that you know isn't true.
#lms #facebook #acronym #real defenetion #i spelled definition wrong #stapler
by the pie knight August 30, 2011
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