LMS is an acronym for Last Man Standing, which is the name of an xbox live gaming clan established on December 10th 2010.
by DILLIGAFxxCINC May 05, 2013
Last Movie Syndrome - A state of emotion in where you are too attached to the last movie you have watched that you can't get over it. Abbreviated as LMS.
God I'm LMS over Twilight Saga, I can't stop crying last night. :(
by trolololwut November 02, 2013
Lauren Millar Syndrome: Pertaining to the non-possession of an ass. A serious case of nass.
Guy#1:Yo check her out, she has absolutely no ass.
Guy#2:Your right, thats an extreme case of L.M.S.
by Chiefmixalot727 January 23, 2007
internet slang for "Losing My Shit" as in "I'm so bored I'm losing my mind"- usually said between two friends via gchat during class or work.
friend 1 - LMS
friend 2 - me too
by jayvb44 March 14, 2013
Little man syndrome - Something small people possess. Mad at the world because of their short height.
My boss has a bad case of LMS!
by Therickman May 22, 2005
Stands for Like my status
Used in social networks which have status updates that have a like function. Ex. MyYearbook
Status update: bored, if you want me to message you LMS
by FullLockDown October 20, 2011
Short for Last Man Standing which is a entertaining game normally played on the forum of Mafia Death. Participants join the game by replying to the thread with their user id, and are automatically assigned a number. When there is enough participants, the game begins!

A number is randomly selected (normally by random.org), and the participant assigned to that number is eliminated. The game continues until there is only one (1) participant remaining.
Daniel Tosh has entered the LMS contest as #1
Puppy has entered the LMS contest as #2
~ GEH™ has entered the LMS contest as #3
Suiciding has entered the LMS contest as #4
Nitrored has entered the LMS contest as #5
Boner for FM! has entered the LMS contest as #6
••••Lucy•••• has entered the LMS contest as #7
Smoke has entered the LMS contest as #8
Mr.Pothead has entered the LMS contest as #9

LMS Game is starting...

Smoke has been eliminated.
Mr.Pothead has been eliminated.
Puppy has been eliminated.
Boner for FM! has been eliminated.
••••Lucy•••• has been eliminated.
Daniel Tosh has been eliminated.
~ GEH™ has been eliminated.
Suiciding has been eliminated.
Nitrored is the Last Man Standing, and has won!
by md3.MafiaDeath.com May 23, 2011

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