Lick My Swingers.
A particularly negative rebuke in response to a request for assistance, an opinion or any social act. In inviting someone to perform this unpleasant act an indication of the actual level of contempt being felt can be achieved.
Person 1: "Can you listen to the poem I wrote about my journey through life"
Person 2: "No, but you can LMS"
by Snake82 July 31, 2009
Abbreviation: Lick My Sack
Text Message

Linda: Fuckkkk youuu I'm so sickkk &&& tired of you.

Akeem: Bitch like I give a shit LMS.
by Edward1996 November 24, 2011
lick My Sack
Hey n00b u can LMS
by DeushKiller August 15, 2008
shortened for "Lutsch meinen Schwanz" (Suck My Dick)
popularized by german rapper Kool Savas
dude1: ich mag dich!
dude2: lms!
by germandude December 17, 2005
Abbreviation for "let me see"
what about this one? #link to some page#
- lms
by tarmo888 December 19, 2008
little miss shaven
as in, shaves her pussy so she doesnt have any bush downstairs.
hey holly, are you lms?
hells yeah bitch.
by hilloholly October 17, 2009
Short for Loose Meat Sammich, like Mothra Crotch...When a girls pussy is the size of a cannon ball.
Man i went to go fuck this girl last night but she was such an lms i couldn't even touch the walls
by l337b4770u54i November 26, 2004

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