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acronymn for Leave My Name Out

Rapper from Long Beach who leans towards the positive tip of hip hop. Part of the underground hip hop group the Visionaries.

Check out Economic Food Chain Music.
I Lost My Negative Outlook
Look Mister Negotiation's Over
Legislation Misleads Nations Overseas
by wAsTe July 09, 2005
62 13
laughing my nuts off
dude, that was hilarious i'm lmno.
by THE GODFASIA September 30, 2005
54 17
Leave My Name Out
by James Kelly September 11, 2003
37 15
a slur of words that happens when you say the alphabet to fast
(respect) lmno thats a good word
by jake 17290 November 27, 2008
10 5
Laugh my nads off, or laugh my nuts off.
When Scott fell off his skateboard, and it flipped up, and whacked his nads, I yelled out: "Oh, dude, LMNO!"
by Belizzy November 14, 2012
2 4
Stands for "Laughing My Nuts Off" and can be used in correlation with other words like Lmao, Lol, Roflcopter, etc.
Jack and Sally got completely smashed, ran through Harlem screaming 'N****S', and got shot? LMNO!!
by beebs84 November 27, 2010
1 5
an expression to be used when you hear something utterly funny and makes you laugh so hard.
= laugh my nose off
sarah : did you hear that michelle's ex bf actually cheated on her with her mother? how fucking lame!

stephanie: LMNO, THAT'S PATHETIC of him.
by Mariam Manson August 09, 2008
4 8