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One of the greatest definitions of motor engineering to date. If there was no horsepower limit in japan, the NSX could quite easily be the most powerful non-turbo V6 in the world.
NSX > V8 Penis Extensions
by waste February 17, 2004
A yell of a once popular cartoon character.

Also fun to yell while running around in a supermarket.
This looks like a job for...THUNDERCATS HOOOO!
by wAsTe June 17, 2004
A rapper with an annoying accent and whose lyrics consist mostly of "dwada durr dinga ling lang bwaugdogga ding dang"
If they play that chingy song one more time I will blow up the stereo.
by wAsTe July 07, 2004
acronymn for Leave My Name Out

Rapper from Long Beach who leans towards the positive tip of hip hop. Part of the underground hip hop group the Visionaries.

Check out Economic Food Chain Music.
I Lost My Negative Outlook
Look Mister Negotiation's Over
Legislation Misleads Nations Overseas
by wAsTe July 09, 2005
Right of admission reserved.
the gig tonight is R.O.A.R
by waste November 20, 2004
A infamous New York graffiti artist that tagged up the subways. His tag would always be SEEN.
by wAsTe November 04, 2003
the best place to get gear from New York based companies.
I just copped this dope t-shirt from digital gravel.
by wAsTe November 04, 2003

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