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Let love happen
Yo Saad LLH
by Gollum1224 January 20, 2013
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Laugh Like Hella Shit
Oh shit, did you see that nigga fall.? Llhs
by Ayo' Cbaby July 04, 2011
laugh like hell
A stupid abbreviation i just made up and started using on chat sites to see if ppl would just pretend to no what im talkin about
laughing like hell
omg i am a fucking idiot loser who spends all his time on urban dictionary whenever he goes on a chatsite and hears something like roflmfao or asl or lol or llh.
also llh. Means "Lett Lett Hasna" or "Lit Lit Hasna". The Punjabi translation for ROFL "Rolling On the Floor Laughing"
by sima kaur June 16, 2011

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