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Crack addict, insecure person who is always on the edge.
hey look who it be, it be Hasna.
by h22lova May 20, 2009
Smart, hilarious, honest, positive.

Secretly really insecure, she's someone you can trust with anything. Might have a habit of overthinking a lot. She pushes people away at first and it takes time to earn her trust, she can read people and you might not want to upset her, the chances of getting back to her are slim to none.

She can really make someone smile, her laugh is worth a lot. Elegant, hilarious, worth it. Her deep dark eyes can tell a lot. Knows she can get through anything. Easiest girl to talk to, always there for you. Not the easiest to get to, but once she's yours, you'll never stop smiling, if you get a girl like that, consider it more than a blessing. If you find someone like her, don't ever loose her.
Miss Hasna so much, can't wait to see her!
by Forever stars yo February 23, 2015
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