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Luser Attitude Readjustment Tool

1. n. In the collective mythos of scary devil monastery, this is an essential item in the toolkit of every BOFH. The LART classic is a 2x4 or other large billet of wood usable as a club, to be applied upside the head of spammers and other people who cause sysadmins more grief than just naturally goes with the job. Perennial debates rage on alt.sysadmin.recovery over what constitutes the truly effective LART; knobkerries, semiautomatic weapons, flamethrowers, and tactical nukes all have their partisans. Compare clue-by-four.
2. v. To use a LART. Some would add "in malice", but some sysadmins do prefer to gently lart their users as a first (and sometimes final) warning.
3. interj. Calling for one's LART, much as a surgeon might call "Scalpel!".
4. interj. rare Used in flames as a rebuke. "LART! LART! LART!"
I shall LART you appropriatly.
by maxeh May 08, 2003
A fart that occurs because you are laughing.
HER: OMG that's so funny! What was that noise?
HIM: xcuse me...I did a lart.
by wild cougar December 28, 2014
Slang word combining the words "later" and "farts", to mean that when two or more people meet up later, it will be the shit. Used as a farewell term.
Chris: Alright, dude I gotta go.
Mike: Okay, man, larts.
Chris: Larts.
by Protean Synn October 22, 2008
A fart that has been lit on fire.
Guy 1 : Dude!!! Throw me a ligher quick!!

Guy 2 : Why?
Guy 1 : So i can Lart!
by T-Hootie May 06, 2010
a laughing fart, when you laugh so hard and uncontrollably that you squeeze one out, by accident.
Mark:(telling a really funny joke)
EJ: omg omg rotfl lol omg oh shit i just larted
by Mark P Rich January 18, 2008
a liquid fart
I was about to let rip with what at first seem a normal bubblyfart, until I got the unmistakable feeling of liquid leaking from my bunghole, at which point I knew I had a juicy lart on deck and I would be left with swamp ass for the rest of the day.
by jcinthelv August 04, 2008
1. When one laughs so hard they fart. (Laugh + Fart= Lart.)
Joslyn's laughter turned to shame when a loud lart shot out of her arse.
by Joslyn Kloehn October 13, 2007
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