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cum or semen ejaculated.
i want to spritz in your eye
by Poooooooooooo January 27, 2004
When having to go to the bathroom (#1) and you can't reach a potty with out peeing your pants so you let a little out to relieve the pressure. DO NOT USE IF YOU HAVE TO GO #2 STYLE!
Dude I was locked out of my house and I had to go pee so bad. I let a spritz or two out before my dad got home.
#pee #peepee #potty #bathroom #underwear
by JulSpad August 08, 2008
Any Claymate's must-have accessory when engaging in any Clay Aiken, viewing, listening, and most importantly MEETING!!! It is used to cool off and refresh the subsequenly hot and bothered!
Look at that great "Waldo" pic.....eeeeks I need a spritz!
by MOO August 09, 2004
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