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when someone laughs so hard that they fart .
i made my sister laugh so hard she larted
by adamo s May 25, 2010
the act of laughing so hard that one farts.
Jim fell down the stairs and busted his head. It was so funny I larted.
by Bryce KJ March 25, 2008
When you accidentally fart while laughing. Often times the offender -- surprised by the flatulence -- will laugh longer than necessary and sometimes a little louder in hopes that anyone in the area will not have heard the gas.

Unfortunately, this only brings more attention to the situation.

Larters often leave the scene to not only out of embarrassment, but to hopefully drag the smell with them.
Dude, why'd you walk away so quickly?

I larted and I think Karen heard it.
by SickTwist January 19, 2012
(past tense) To bitchslap, reprimand, or to rap someone over the knuckles.
I larted Jim for coming in late the other morning.
by jasonwoody May 22, 2006

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