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A beautiful, warm-hearted and earthy girl. Inspired by her surroundings, she finds an artistic quality in everything and everyone. She dedicates her life to helping others and is always willing to sacrifice her own needs for a good cause. You are lucky if you even know her. Her beauty and care resonates so strongly that you can't help but fall in love with her upon sight. Life becomes more focused and clear upon meeting such a woman. You will know when you meet yours.
I saw Kymberly today. I'm going to marry her.
by TGoodiez April 05, 2011
A kind, caring and loving girl. Always willing to lend a hand, can be a bit lazy but one flash of her smile and all is forgiven. If you win her heart she will love you truly and deeply for always. Always carries wipes, a carton of juice and a bag of maltesers in her handbag. Loves cakes, biscuits and chocolate.
Giving you her last malteser shows how much Kymberly loves you.
by NormaSknockers February 04, 2010

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