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The sweetest and most delisious candy ever
crispyball with a taste of honey over rolled with milk chocklate
- Yo pass me those Maltesers
by THe_RZA May 20, 2005
Malteser means blonde on the inside brunette on the outside,

in other words a brunette that is the equivelent to a dumb blonde.

Many use this term not as an insult but as a nickname
'Oh my god she is totally a malteser'
by Holly August 16, 2004
A very small piece of poo that simply won't flush away!
A malteser is usually done by skinny anorexic girls who don't eat enough to do big grown up poos!
by Naughty teacher! April 02, 2013
Inserting the penis far enough into the anus so that the testicles push up against the outside of the sphincter and are coated with brown feces.
That dumb slut had a taste of my maltesers after anal last night!
by Wikc June 16, 2011
The act of squishing one's balls into another's poohole whilst copulating
"hey, I know we've just met but can I stick my nuts in your ringpiece? What you don't know what thats called....Why in cosmopolitain circles its called a malteser"
by Malteser April 28, 2006
A black/indian person who acts like they're white.
'Damn Tia actin such a malteser'
'Yeah, dark on the outside, white on the inside'.
by BabyDizz April 30, 2005
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