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Kristoffer is the picture pretty guy. He is romantic and his love knows no limits. If he falls for you, he wont ever stop loving you. When he falls in love, he fall deep.

Kristoffer is a mystery. You might think you have him figuered out, but thats just his act. He likes to play naive and nice to get information or to hide the real him. There is much debth in him, a very philosophical guy that when he first beginns can blow your mind with his genious words and thoughts.

People can always trust Kristoffer, his lojality is big to the one he loves and trust. That is few tho, he doesnt trust people easy.
If you ever get the chance to be with this guy, do it. You will never regret.

Kristoffer is very funny. With him you'll always have a good time. He is insane.
Guy 1:
"Hey where did Kristoffer go? I havent seen him in ages"

Guy 2:
"He found the love of his life, he left to be with her, you know him. His love is limitless"
by Reffotsirk August 01, 2010
A Kristoffer is an incredible guy who is usually shy at first, but opens up around his friends. Typically, a Kristoffer has a smokin body and a beautiful girlfriend. Most Kristoffers are star athletes and have straight a's. They will charm you with their innocence and adorableness; but beware, it might just be an act. Usually found in the Southwest, and Southeast. Most common Kristoffers have brown hair, brown eyes, and are super tan. You'll think he's the sweetest guy in the world when you first meet him.. he won't last long, but he's cute while it lasts. Don't take it personally if he doesn't seemed interested; thats just how he rolls. Kristoffer's are sometimes tense, but also have a laid back cool side. Be careful if you meet a Kirstoffer, you'll probably fall for him.
girl1: "did you see that sexy shy guy?"

girl2: "yea girll, he's probably a Kristoffer."
by gangstaninja563 November 19, 2010
A norwegian name that means "the Dark God of all puny humans" from norse language. Kristoffer was a term used by vikings in the dark ages to describe all Dark Gods basically, and is therefor also the considered meaning of the Devil and all Evil in the world.
Yes, Kristoffer took his sould and brought it to hell
by ylean January 11, 2011