A greeting. Drunken email from employee to employer regarding failure to show up for work resulted in the query "ko?" instead of "ok?" Time has eroded the original meaning to a greeting, after months of harrassment insued where the entire workplace greeted the unfortunate employee with "ko!" every morning.
KO! How are you this AM?
by JPDAWG September 18, 2003
to be bothered repeatedly with school related questions
Tae- hey dude who was mother teresa again?

Dara- ugh another question?

Tae- sorry dude. am i ko'ing you real hard in the butthole?

Dara- yes -__-
by Andrew Jacksonz November 01, 2009
ko - means kidding on
jerry: that teacher is an old fart
louise: dont be mean
Jerry: ko
by zander101 July 16, 2008
1. ko is a person who has a fro
2. Ko is a person who is a pro in J walking
3. Ko is a Gigolo which you call a man ho
4. Ko is an Aviator
5. Ko could also meen a short fat person.
Ko can u brush your fro with a fro pick?
Ko how many girls can you fuck in a day?
Look at that Ko.
by Ariel Gad January 25, 2007
Cool, but spelled differently and sometimes used in mmorpg's
Person 1: Want to go to the park?
Person 2: I guess that's ko...
by Zarathaz March 29, 2006
1. A person that is lowly payed and that is a concept artist that works for the game company, Blizzard.
2. A sexy korean male.
"Hey Matt, I heard we got a new ko. Yeah I know! Not now... okay fine... I love you too."
"There were so many kos at the rave party last night, I think I screwed 'em all."
by CheeseGradersSuck May 29, 2005
a total idiot
by fred darvish November 01, 2003

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