a total loser with no friends
Ko has no friends and eats from a trash can alone
by Dazoklis July 16, 2011
(1) This is when you are invited to a friends wedding and RSVP that you will be there. Then, at the last minute, don't attend his wedding, rather you go to another friends wedding in another town.(e.g. Arizona) THEN, when it comes time for you to get married, you don't invite that person to your wedding. a.k.a. Micked
"Dave, whats up with this shit. I just heard I got Micked from Kevin's wedding. Actually T-bone, you got KO'ed."
by Cal Ripken September 01, 2004
Stands for a "Kill of Opportunity."
Could be a noun describing the target, or a verb describing how to kill the target.
When both Sadam Hussein and Usama Bin Laden arrive for the exchange, sniper teams 1 and 2 will take both targets out. Consider any other armed associates at the scene a KO.

We can't risk him getting captured. I don't want to go to jail while he goes free just because that child-raping pos cried police brutality. No, if any of us get a clean shot, we KO his ass! Understood?
by inane5 February 24, 2005
a seriously sexy female. A tragic muse that you can't help but worship.
by Anonymous September 26, 2003
It doesn't only mean Knock Out. It also means Kilobyte=Ko.
Ko is very familiar. A large file is 12 737 Ko.
Ko is Coca Cola's symbol on the stock market. Ko is the name of many companies including Ko and Co (Ko and Company).
KO are some people's initials. KO is a good blog from Pakistan. Ko is now very much open to interpretations but the first ones are Knock Out (KO) as in boxing or as in a gorgeous person and Kilobyte (Ko) as in 1000 Ko will make 1 Mo. When you're sending a 12 737 Ko file, you're in trouble because servers will stop you, it's too heavy. Please add on to the meaning of Ko.

Imagine someone's initials being PS (Patricia Smith) or NB (Norman Brown) or CC (Carmen Constanza)or C/O:care of (Claude Otterburg). I believe our initials define us in a way...
by Katherine Ouimet April 22, 2006
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