to go to sleep (to "knock out")
n00b: okies, itz gettin l8, im gunna KO ^_^ 99!!!!!11
by swishersweets April 09, 2008
A Canadian Musician with most of his songs about smoking weed. Give him a listen.
Hey man did you hear that new KO song about him selling crack when he was younger?
by lolidkwtnm July 01, 2011
1. When you knock someone out.

2. When u're knocked out
1. The K-O (knock-out) of Badr Hari was wonderfull!

2. Im totally K-O
by desibabe July 04, 2009
Knifed-Out; taken down by a melee weapon in (any game).
The leet player was ko by a noob.
by l337no0bi3 February 12, 2009
KO Kick Off The start of a sport involving a ball
The KO time is later today as a Royal event is being televised in the morning.
by CriostoirHulme August 01, 2005
OK backwards. Originally from Short Circuit 2 (1988), K.O. Derf is OK Fred backwards. Became more common with the rise of chatrooms and IM with people who can't or don't waste time trying to type well.
fred: are you ok?
#5: Functioning 100%. Perfectly K.O., Derf!
fred: it's fred
#5: That's what i said, Derf!

im user 1: i gtg
im user 2: wait bring that cd tomorrow
im user 1: ko durf ttyl
by joefitz July 19, 2005
A greeting. Drunken email from employee to employer regarding failure to show up for work resulted in the query "ko?" instead of "ok?" Time has eroded the original meaning to a greeting, after months of harrassment insued where the entire workplace greeted the unfortunate employee with "ko!" every morning.
KO! How are you this AM?
by JPDAWG September 18, 2003

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