A slang term for male genitalia; derived from moose knuckle.
Henry discovered that he had an unusual growth on his knuckle.

That bathing suit is too tight! I can totally see your knuckle. It's a knuckle hugger.

She grabbed his knuckle and held tight. He gasped.
by infiric December 02, 2008
Top Definition
Knuckles is the game much like slapsies, but much more betterer. You play by having two players facing each other, each one with one clenched fist touching the other persons clenched fist. The person who takes their go first tries to hit the top of the other persons hand with their knuckles. If the persons succeeds, they get another go. They keep going until the other player manages to remove their hand without any contact being made from the opponents ATTACK. Then its the other players go. IF the recieving player tries to dodge THREE TIMES without the attacker actually having a swipe, then the attacker gets a free shot (i.e., the reciever has to hold their fist out and take a blow without moving).You carry on until one person quits. Some people have the rule that when someone quits, they have to take a free forfeit blow, but this is sometimes dangerous and i dont think a very professional way to end the match. Maybe a handshake or something. If you havent heard about the game, please spread the word! I'm trying to get it as well known as possible, because im really fucking good at it and its the only thing im good at. :D! Happy Knuckling.
"Fancy a game of knuckles mate?"
by Adam Riach September 05, 2006
the act of hitting a jump and and landing on the awkward bump where the flat of the top of the jump meets the sloped landing section of the jump.
Bro, i knuckled so hard on that last jump.
by halfabuncake February 03, 2010
A game where a group of people sit around a table with a coin, preferably £1, but most/any will work. One player spins it for the person on their left to catch between their index and middle fingers. Play moves in a clockwise direction. If the spinner mis-spins it 3 times, the catcher slides it along the table very quickly at their knuckles. This also happens if the catcher catches it with the coin horizontal. This happens in reverse if the catcher mis-catches it (once).
We played knuckles in school today, and people were wondering why our knuckles were all mashed up.
by Suchuaato March 09, 2008
to give five with the back of the hand;
You got that bitch up the ass..give me some knuckle on that one.
by Anonymous August 05, 2003
A fight or other violent skirmish between at least two punters. Often alcohol related or occurs in a pub. To 'go the knuckle' is to punch on.
Dude 1: Did you see Johnny Carter in that biffo the other night?

Dude 2: Yeah, trust Johnny to go the knuckle.
by 1257 April 23, 2013
When a quality nugget is so densely dank that it makes a noise identical to that of someone's knuckle when it is tapped on a surface.
I just dropped some serious bills on that zip so those buds had best knuckle.
by The 4th Horseman July 13, 2008
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