When a quality nugget is so densely dank that it makes a noise identical to that of someone's knuckle when it is tapped on a surface.
I just dropped some serious bills on that zip so those buds had best knuckle.
by The 4th Horseman July 13, 2008
when you use your iddle finger knuckle to paralyze a person or persons
Man 1: i got in a fight last night

Man 2: Did you use your knuckle?
by JoOordan October 21, 2007
to fight basically.
yo i was really tryna knuckle tonight, if u was gone knuckle i would be on ur head.
by Tyre And Brandon- crestmont April 14, 2007
Any friend that assists you in your endeavors, or that you assist in theirs. A knuckle is of equal standing and not be confused with a minion, even though they may let you take the lead in situations where they are assisting you, just as you let them take the lead when you are assisting them.
Some of my knuckles came over last night and we gave the car a tune up and put in new speakers.

I burned my songs onto a mix cd for one of my knuckles.

One of my knuckles found a generator for next weekend.

by squegie August 30, 2005
A term used to define a male esp brown skinned, or someone who is down for your cause. or who will fight for you.

Like the knuckles of Tommie Smith and John Carlos. They raised thier knuckles to the sky wearing black gloves standing on the olympic podium in 68 to symbolize the explosion of the black revolution.
I'm down for my knuckles, I'll ride for my knuckles, this is for my knuckles.

Fuck a Nigga! I only have love for my knuckles.
by Trinide October 25, 2007
Slang for a one pound coin
Put another knuckle in the bandit or fruit machine.

How many knuckles have you got ?
by Mixmaster Jazzy G April 01, 2004
another name for marijuana
Hey Marty, you got any knuckle?
by Ghostship September 14, 2006

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