to steal someone's boyfriend or girlfriend
Sheila and Alicia were friends before Sheila knuckled her. Now Alicia dispises her. And her ex.
by Joe-Nay June 27, 2006
Biker. Usually rides a Harley.
Shit man, don't touch that bike or Knuckle over there is gonna come over and explain his name all over your face.
by Cap'nJack March 16, 2007
a friend, derived from the word negro- nigger- nigga- nikka- nukka- and finally knuckle.
wassssssssapp my knuckle?
by sam123123 September 10, 2006
A knuckles is a person who is a bad ass often using the catch phrase H.X.C (Hardcore) or often saying: Yo Yo Yo B Boy That Shits for Real Mutha Fucka’, for Shit, Bitch…Fuckin’ Ass and Blab Blab. Knuckles is also a sexual move where you shove your whole fist into a women's ass and say one or both of the two aforementioned catch phrases.
Johnny is a real Knuckles! or Yo dogg I gave my girlfriend a knuckles lastnight.
by John Romans December 08, 2007

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