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a word that our world needs to live in.


spread the love.
Bob: Alright i'm out, peace
Ash: Kay paz
Priest: Paz be with you
People: And also with you
Usher: Paz out, A-town
by Ashicle March 30, 2008
the most awesome human being in the entire world. gold spills from her mouth when she speaks, flowers bloom where she walks and animals follow her wherever she goes. also a ho fo' sho
i met paz one night and my life was forever changed; now i can't grow my hair back.
by stephaniebroadchest December 31, 2006
A godlike persona achieved by a human cartoon character.

A personality disorder with abilities and creation of gadgets that can be brought about by alcohol, drugs, and laughter.

Paz was wylin out from drinking and smoking.

Chris: Yo Paz! u wanna hit this?

by Quiero Paz? August 11, 2008
Wow paz can sure make some great toasts!
by Jack Layton March 31, 2011
A woman that knows everything and puts everyone to sleep when talking about sex.
Oh my, why won't this paz go away, its a crappy feeling.
by BJP-Lover February 10, 2010

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