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The science of shutting down and/or destroying websites or forums on the internet by referencing or linking them on your site or forums, be it intentional or otherwise.
Both Gabe and Tycho are practicing wangologists. Their wangology is very strong.
by Knightmare December 10, 2003
Master of all. Owns the pimps, pimpettes, sluts, ho's, whores. Master of bang-bus.com Master of Kat_3y3z.
* Kat_3y3z wipes a little off of her chin
<Kat_3y3z> sorry,
<Kat_3y3z> missed my mouth
<Knightmare> Yeah, I did.
by Knightmare August 22, 2004
Phrasal Verb:
To bring down or make unavailable a website by routing heavy traffic to the site via a link or reference on your site.
Everytime they link to a site, it gets wanged.
by Knightmare March 03, 2003

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