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3 definitions by Ringmasterrob

Microsoft's very own messenger service, used by a huge variety of people to chat with each other offering many useful features. Mainly used by teenagers & often assumed that the Messenger is used by perverts.
"I'll speak to you later, on MSN Messenger"
by Ringmasterrob September 15, 2004
A cult 80s TV show featuring Chromakey blue screen, a 'Dungeoneer' is guided around the dungeon by 3 'advisors'. Ran on Citv (Childrens ITV) from 1987-1994. The rights to the series are owned by satellite channel 'Challenge' who regularly reshow all 8 series.
Did you see Series 3 of Knightmare in 1989?
by Ringmasterrob September 14, 2004
Albert Everard Nommington VII (Nomme for short), A man with the golden name
"Hi Nomme, how are you?"
Nomme: "I am the man with the golden name!"
"Uh, ok"
by Ringmasterrob September 15, 2004