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One of the oldest, surviving, Quake-based clans. Formed mid-1996 with the release of Quake. Also played Quakeworld, Quake 3: Arena, Counter-Strike, and Quake 4.
Recently the group has focused on MMOs such as Shadowbane and World of Warcraft. The roots of Knightmare can be traced back to the pre-Quake days, as the founders played many 2 versus 2 Doom games over their college LAN, and teamed against others in 2 vs. 2 competition.

To this day, 3 of the 5 original founders still actively play with the clan.

The first clan to apply for legal trademarking of its name in the United States.
KM Eternal
Clan Knightmare est. 1996
by Sir_Thanatos December 03, 2006
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