The thing that's ready to bear all your boogers no matter how boogerily boogery they are.
Ahhh...Ahhh...Ahhhhh-- *grab Kleenex* pikaCHOO!
by Ihuj Irtahk December 28, 2009
Top Definition
Preferred hygiene product used by women (and presumably men) after intercourse, resulting from intra-vaginal or intra-anal climax, to prevent unnecessarily soiling bed-sheets/couch/carpet/upholstery/car-seat with the deposited ejaculate, which may subsequently trickle onto said fuck spots.
Convenient, cheap, quick and absorbent, the Kleenex is the ideal way to prevent nasty love juice stains.

Synonyms: Snot rag, hanky, handkerchief, tissue
“Give me a fucking Kleenex or you’ll sleep on the really wet spot!”

“I’m sorry! I don’t have a Kleenex for clean up. Use your hand, the toilet is only a few steps away.”
by Loobert June 28, 2005
A popular brand of tissue. Favoured by those going to a snot party
I'm gonna tear you up like a kleenex at a snot party!
by Gumba Gumba June 16, 2004
Insulting word for a girl you use for sex once then get rid of, like a used paper tissue.

Also see Kleenex fuck and fuck 'n' chuck
Q: Who was that girl I saw you with last night?
A: Just a Kleenex. She blew me but she's nothing special.
by nikki.taylor September 23, 2010
Term for tissue used by people who insist on sounding like some cunt off friends.
I must find the Kleenex before I have a Sherman Tank
by Eric Blue December 01, 2006
Adjective.To be clean.
Damn! His hypebeast shirt is kleenex!
by Bocaj McCracken July 18, 2008
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