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2 definitions by Loobert

Preferred hygiene product used by women (and presumably men) after intercourse, resulting from intra-vaginal or intra-anal climax, to prevent unnecessarily soiling bed-sheets/couch/carpet/upholstery/car-seat with the deposited ejaculate, which may subsequently trickle onto said fuck spots.
Convenient, cheap, quick and absorbent, the Kleenex is the ideal way to prevent nasty love juice stains.

Synonyms: Snot rag, hanky, handkerchief, tissue
“Give me a fucking Kleenex or you’ll sleep on the really wet spot!”

“I’m sorry! I don’t have a Kleenex for clean up. Use your hand, the toilet is only a few steps away.”
by Loobert June 28, 2005
Location, in space and time, where one fucks or has fucked or intends to fuck, God willing.
The AV room at John Abbott College after 4pm is a good fuck spot.

Jim: "Where was your last fuck spot?"
R-Kelly: "The kindergarten."
by Loobert June 28, 2005