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Insulting word for a girl you use for sex once then get rid of, like a used paper tissue.

Also see Kleenex fuck and fuck 'n' chuck
Q: Who was that girl I saw you with last night?
A: Just a Kleenex. She blew me but she's nothing special.
#sex #fuck #girl #blowjob #insult
by nikki.taylor September 23, 2010
(1) Permission to touch, kiss, explore all parts of a partner's body during sex.

(2) Freedom to have oral, vaginal and anal sex with a woman.
I'm getting on really well with Lizzie. She lets me access all areas.
#sex #oral sex #blowjob #anal sex #fuck
by nikki.taylor September 21, 2010
Pronounced vye-var.

(1) Short for viva voce. An oral (spoken) examination, usually involving the examination candidate meeting the examiners face-to-face so they can ask questions about the candidate's dissertation or research findings. Commonly an important part of the examination process for postgraduate research degrees, such as doctorates. Can be a frightening experience as the examiners are likely to be renowned experts in the candidate's field of study.

(2) Blowjob, oral sex. Pun on the word oral. Possibly with a suggetion that a woman is being tried out or tested to see how well she performs.
Q: How did you get on with that blonde from the History Faculty?

A: She passed her viva, but only just. She gives pretty average head.


A: I viva-ed her on our second date. I'm seeing her again on Friday and I'm hoping to access all areas.
#blowjob #oral sex #university #college #fellatio
by nikki.taylor September 21, 2010
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