A total studgod, masterful in everyway.
The women dream of being with Kirk.

The baseball star was a real Kirk.

The football player was trying to become a Kirk.
by Daveone July 22, 2006
The great King and Ruler loved by women and adored by children, envied by men for being so awesome and having a big unit and balls of steel.
I hope when I grow up I can be a Kirk.

The Kirk walked before them and they all bowed down to his greatness and kissed his butt.

All Hail Kirk, long live the Kirk.
by Daveone July 22, 2006
to have a big penis and is long in bed
kirk to be extremely long
by acerv771 March 31, 2009
He's one of the main captains on Star Trek, but will always be known for generating one of the biggest internet jokes on the planet...

Captian Kirk, U.S.S Enterprise
an australian slang for a person usually of aboriginal or white/anglo-saxon origin who flips out and goes syko, a fearsome fighter, relentlessly stabbing people with broken glass bottles or sharp objects and biting guy's ears off in fights showing no remorse and fights to the death. usually of a very slim but athletic build. very fast runner, and doesnt tire out. loves taking speed and other types of amphetamines. is very agetated and restless, always thinks people are looking at him. very unsociable when drunk. theiving is his occupation. alot of these type of people live in the sydney suburb of redfern and the mount druit area of sydney (ie. bidwill, shalvey, herbersham, willmot, dharruk, plumpton)
hey buzz ya kirk!.......
by night prawler May 20, 2005
adj: better than spock.
Wow, that guy is so Kirk it's unreal!
by ViniRotundo March 31, 2003
A kirk will be the most amazing person you will ever meet.. a kirk knows how to pleasure a woman just right.. someone anyone would be lucky to marry... a kirk is one of kind and if you ever meet one, you will be the luckiest person in the world.. it would be your joy to fall in love with a kirk..
I'm so lucky to have a kirk in my life..

You are down? Go find a kirk.
by yourfavoriteforever November 07, 2011

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