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This guy is the best, hes handsome lovely generous and a great lover - hes got the biggest dick ever and u can suck forever
Big Dicked Sexy Cock
by DMX March 11, 2004
A man of virtuous regal appearance
He's reet Kingy is that lad.
by Chris Long May 17, 2005
1. mine

2. this boy is so super fly, hes hot as, hes got the beats, hes got the looks,hes got a damn good heart, n im his girl for life...

hottest islander ever.
"kingy, its jakki, im comin over this wednesday to get summa ur fine-ness...cos ya know i love you"

"no one touches my kingy"

"kingy we go together like cookies and milk"
by jakki12 June 14, 2007
Causes hell on
annoys fat 25stone Dave!
Your Fat motherfucker looser!
by knacker August 07, 2004
probably from mackay and probably has a penis the size of your musm on a good day
Random Guy: Hey kingy (said in hey nash voice)
Kingy: Yeah
by disco shit April 28, 2004
Kingy is derived from the word 'king', and as he is a chav he couldn't be referred to by his first name, oh no, the genuises added a 'y' onto the surname. Why? Noone knows.

The Kingy family tree are notorious for their lack of meat in the penile region and hence most of them either stay a virgin or turn to homosexuality if they're lucky.

The Kingy's are also well-known for their lack of skills while playing CS and they will more than likely get their arse OWNED on beginners servers 100% of the time.
1 j|_|57 0w|\|3d 7h47 f4g'5 (kingy) 455.

gg m8


gj w33d

And other such arse licking type comments.
by Cellstreet Dave February 13, 2005
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