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What should be the 5th borough of NY
Incorporate Y-O and get rid of Staten Island, it has nothing in common with the rest of the city and it smells like Jersey
by DMX November 25, 2003
This guy is the best, hes handsome lovely generous and a great lover - hes got the biggest dick ever and u can suck forever
Big Dicked Sexy Cock
by DMX March 11, 2004
A "Playa" is (usually) a man who likes to get with the ladies, as many as possible. A cross between a con man and a ho.
Don't even think of getting with him, he's just a playa
by DMX October 02, 2003
Money earnin', the sister city of Yonkers. Was part of the town of Eastchester in colonial times.
Mount Vernon is near Yonkers and the Bronx.
by DMX April 24, 2004
People who think they're from New York until they go to college and realize that all the downstaters think the world ends after Yonkers.
I was driving west on the Tappan Zee Bridge heading upstate and when it was already too late realized the bridge was emptying into the pit of oblivion.
by DMX November 25, 2003
Mount Vernon, NY
Money earnin'
by DMX April 24, 2004
Bunch of arrogant people who play Quake 2 far too much and need to be slapped violently with a computer mouse for all the people they've hacked just to boost their poor mPlayer rankings.
NYGANG_1: NYGANG rules....
YOU dropped from game.
by DMX October 14, 2003

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