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This happens when you are a male wearing athletic shorts and the draw string is tied tightly while you need to pee. Instead of attempting to undo the draw string out of laziness or frustration, you pull up one of your pant legs and underwear up and to the side so that your genitals are hanging out and you can freely pee. This is kilting.
Jake: "I had to piss really bad after gym class but I couldn't untie my shorts so I just kilted really fast in the bathroom and got out of there...I didn't even wash my hands or anything."
Josh: "you gotta do what you gotta do man"

Michael: "why is one of your buttcheeks showing while you are peeing?"
John: "I'm kilting"
Michael: "ohhhhh. gotcha."
by callanambewlaynce November 18, 2014
When a noob WoW player incorrectly describes the term "to kite"
I was kilting that rogue with my concussive shot

I kilted that noob

That mage kilted me.
by Nerkulous May 14, 2010

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