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A very manly article of clothing. Contrary to popular belief, the kilt did not come into usage in Scotland until around the 17th century. Also contrary to popular belief, during this time period, there were no "clan tartans." This belief arose from the fact that a kilted Scotsman could be geographically identified, as most tartans from a certain area looked more or less the same, due to plant dye availability.
Another common misconception about the kilt is the belief that it takes 8 yards of fabric to make a true kilt. Not true. Back in the day, fabric was produced in 30" width segments. A scotsman would purchase 8 or so yards (depending on how big he was) and sew it together lengthwise, thus giving him a large, 4 yard piece of fabric for a Great Kilt. Later on, when the kilt lost the shoulder plaid, the need to sew the extra four yards on was lost. And so the truely traditional kilt only consists of four yards of material, box-pleated. The concept of having 8 whole yards of fabric hanging off your ass is rediculous.
The fact that fish grow as big as their environment allows applies here as well. A kilted man enjoys freedom and ventilation that tighty-wighty wearers can only dream of. Many people, most notably trouser-wearers, are intimidated by the presence of a kilt-wearing man. They are uncomfortable that their own manly-confidence is completely eclipsed by a man in a kilt. Because of this, ball-less nut-muncher morons like Michael, John and Richard (Read their idiotic entries at the last page for kilt.) will attempt to tear down the kilt-wearer's utterly overwhelming manliness by accusing them of being faggy. Even the most inexperienced kilt wearer will laugh in the faces of moron's like these, who will never enjoy all the womanly attention that kilts attract.
A man in a kilt is a man and a half.

It takes a someone highly secure in his manhood to don a kilt.
by MacKendrick September 14, 2007

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