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An orginization kids run to fight Teens (13-17) and Adults (18+) and their controlling ways. At age 13 "operatives" are "decommitioned" and they have their memories of the KND erased.
I am a Kids Next Door Operative.
by Danielle October 12, 2004
147 51
a wierd show about kids vs adults using '2X4 technology". All the characters have very large hands and feet but paper thin legs and arms as well.
"hey see whats on Cartoon Network for a sec."

"Kids Next Door! Turn it before I am blind! Aaaaahh!"
by Stupid January 13, 2005
78 90
The single most annoying kids television show ever. but theres nothing else on soo......
1. Cartoon Network has to stop replaying episodes of Kids Next Door the voices are so annoying!

2. I hear it!. Whens adultswim on?
by reedcp =D December 11, 2004
64 126