The only American Idol winner who really had major success, probably because she puts out the best songs of them all.
Coming up we got Kelly Clarkson right here on on your #1 hit music station.
by 1069 August 01, 2005
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Winner of season one of American Idol, capturing the hearts of America. Very bubbly, very dorky but loveable personality. Powerful singing voice with performance charisma you don't see around in many pop stars.
Kelly Clarkson deserved to win American Idol.
by Kenneth December 07, 2003
Enormous talent and artistry.
Judy, "see that singer over there, she might be able to come close to Kelly Clarkson one day, if she really works on it".
by he'sfake July 22, 2004
Born on April 24, 1982, Kelly Clarkson is the amazingly talented first American Idol Winner. Commenly known as "the girl next door" by her loveable, gunuine personality. Debut single, A Moment Like This, set Guiness Record for largest chart jump in history. Debut album, Thankful, is mulitplatinum.
"Kelly Clarkson is my favorite artist."
by katieUSA11 September 12, 2004
Kelly Clarkson is a great singer , winner of the first season of American Idol , and has an amazing voice
Kelly Clarkson is my favorite artist. My favorite song of hers is Breakaway.
by iluvbloom08 November 16, 2004
Sexiest current popstar. Great singing voice and worthwhile lyrics to go with it.
I don't just like Kelly Clarkson for her body, I just mostly like her for her body.
by Cabin12 August 03, 2005
Very talented, one of the only honestly good modern female singers I've heard. Also very attractive. I had no idea she was on American Idol but that doesn't change my opinion that her music is pretty awesome.
Kelly Clarkson is the next Gwen Stefani. Let's hope she doesn't end up doing her own Hella Good...
by Name-42 January 22, 2006
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