Winner of AMERICAN IDOL (season 1). Runner up on WORLD IDOL.
fought weight loss....
Born on - 24 April 1982
trademark- performs barefoot
nickname -kellybelly
Has an amazing voice. She truly madly strongly deserved to win American Idol.
Quirky, Bubbly, HOT, sexy woman....

She used to sleep through her alarm :D

Her first single sold nearly 250,000 copies in its first week.
Sings meaningful lyrics..

The world is blessed to have a singer like her. LISTEN To Catch My Breath and Stronger...You'll love her..!
Looks- dashing, Voice - Flawless, Overall - I <3 her
Fan1: -You love Kelly Clarkson?
Fan2 :-Yeah! Flawless woman!
by Kelly1fan January 13, 2013
Another word for Fuck..
Awwww Kelly Clark-son

Okay =]]
by Sammiesunshines March 19, 2009
1. American Idol Winner

2. A characteristic of or pertaining to a person who uses their 15 minutes of fame to become extremely successful, but slowly loses supporters due to a torrential output of obnoxious, repetitive songs about the opposite sex's disinterest in their rapidly-inflating ego/body.

3. Someone who USED to weigh less than 300 lbs.
1. Kelly Clarkson won American Idol a long time ago... Cool.

2. Taylor Swift used to make some pretty good songs, but lately they have been kind of obnoxious. She still has a nice body though, I hope she doesn't Kelly Clarkson.

3. Why is there an obese 40-year-old at the bar in a tight high-school football jersey? He must have Kelly Clarkson'ed over a decade ago!
by Pepper drinks Budweiser March 09, 2012
One of two Am. Idol winners to do anything in the music industry (2nd being Carrie Underwood). Her music is considered to be godlike by those who are fans, and extremely emo and homosexual to the highest degree by those who are not fans.

by LAUNDRY CHUTE April 18, 2009
kelly clark son is awesome !!
i love kelly clarkson
by laughway2 much88 April 02, 2005
The sexiest female in the world.With the most beatiful ass so big it will get any man horny.A gorgeous body and nice tits.The definition of SEXY.
Kelly Clarkson gets me hard every day.She is my sextual fantisy.I want her to be my girlfriend.I will fuck her every day and cum on her ass.Kelly you get me HORNY every day 24/7.
by mario perez November 08, 2005
A very talented singer, however, all her songs seems to be angry and sexist towards men. She must have some issues with men. I'm sure the feminists love it.
Why are all Kelly Clarkson titled, "Miss Independent" "Never Again" "Since U been Gone" etc.? Why no happy songs? All angry at men? It's getting old.
by Sam123456 May 03, 2007

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