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A combination of shisha tobacco and keef.
Keef was mixed the shisha tobacco (thus creating keesha) in a hookah bowl before it was covered with foil and smoked.
by FrostyHotSauce January 27, 2012
A stupid Whore that has to add her own definition because the truth hurts!
Oh god on here it says I am a whore! I better pull a keesha and add my own definition.
by ISpeakTheTruth911 June 02, 2010
a blood sucking whore who will fuck anything and suck any ones dick who has a pulse, if you see this thing run away as fast as possible
damn that whore just swallowed my cum like a Keesha
by OBOMA4LIFE March 09, 2010
1). A sexy chicka with advice for anyone who needs it and is willing to take advise when its given.
2). A badass chick that will just as soon be your friend as kick your ass for stepping outta line.
3). Lover of skulls, pitbulls, boxers, and sexy men with tattoos.
4). Student to all things wicked.
I wanna be like Keesha!
by trueriddle February 02, 2010

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