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Keesh equals Money-$$$$
Yo homeboi u got some keesh on ya?
or Don't got some i'm gon ask ma popz
by Mizz-T September 03, 2005
When complimenting on someone's excellency.

Its best used when speaking like Borat.
That was very keesh-(In a Borat accent)
by Urban Dictionary November 28, 2007
to be keesh is to be on the cutting edge of fashion, synonymous with chic.
Tammy: Did you see Brenda's new purse?
Marry: OMG, it was so keesh
by Keeshmaster November 28, 2014
The single most amazing person in the whole damn world. Has amazing taste in music. Knows exactly how to treat a lady, and any girl would be LUCKY to be with him. Tends to put himself down, but deserves the best of everything. Also tends to be cuter than animated ponies and panda bears.
Wow, how did that Shannon girl get a guy like Keesh? She's so lucky ...
by MissingBeatle December 06, 2011
literally, more than one "kooch," many vaginas; figuratively, an idiot, fool, dork, etc.
Ally: It smells like dirty keesh in here!

Geri: Hey, guys! I can belch my ABCs!
Chris: Your'e such a keesh.
by Joseph Drouin March 07, 2007
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