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a flat soft bread, thinner and softer then a tortila made in indian food and south pacific islander food.
very tasty.
for dinner we ate roti and curry.
by chrisd June 29, 2006
A traditional indian flat bread.

In Durban, South Africa a roti is a very popular fast food, traditionally served with a curry wrapped inside it.

There are many varieties, with the most popular being chip n cheese roti's. This is a french-fry, cheese and curry gravy feast wrapped up in glorious doughy flat bread. If Durban had a national dish, this would be it.

Roti's are served 24 hours a day in Durban from the legendary Jonnys (aka Sunrise House of Curries) and are especially popular with late night drinkers and early evening stoners.
Lets hit jonny's for a roti bru!
by CastleMilkStout January 17, 2010
The rotis is the name of that little line that runs up the center of the scrotum, and it in essence an extention of the Choda.
"my rotis is itchy today."
"Lick my rotis!!"
by ShadowNuke December 12, 2005
(a sexual incident in which one person is forced into it) on the ice.

also there is groti, which is when a gang of people force someone on the ice.
- Is that soti?
- looks more like roti!
by av 4 eva October 11, 2006
sex on the ice
except when 1 party is less than happy about having soti.
alot like groti, except less fun
like root but with an i

XbellieX>lets have soti
*bellie goes off an cries like an emo, then cloraforms mrbob* now its roti
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