Either the crystals off dank marijuana buds or the yellow pollen from the male plants.
The keef blizzy knocked me on my ass last night!
by Subeej March 31, 2003
1. (noun) THC crystals from cannabis buds. These don't only come from dank buds, but from any weed which has been ground in a Spacecase, or any other weed grinder with a keefbox.
2. (verb) To remove keef from cannabis, as with a grinder or otherwise.
3. (verb) To add keef to weed in order to make it more potent.
4. (adjective) Weed which has had keef added to it.
1. Look how much keef I got off these beasters!
2. Good thing we keefed them before we smoked them.
3. You want to keef up these shitty mids?
4. Damn, that keefed bud got me so blazed!
by The Stuufler March 24, 2006
Either the crystals on high-quality marijuana or, alternatively, the yellow pollen of the male plant.
Also as an adjective, to keef nuggets, to remove the crystals from nuggets.
Dude, your herb has been keefed.
by wachagonnado? April 11, 2003
Nickname for Rolling Stone's guitarist Keith Richards.
Mick & Keef
by Anonymous September 17, 2003
When you use a grinder it separates the weed into two parts: The ground up normal weed, and the keef (it seperates them with a fine screen). The keef is normally the very edges of the weed and other small bits of the plant which contain high amounts of thc on/in them. The normally light green powdery substance contains a much larger amount of thc per milligram than the same amount of full buds.
Put some keef on top of this bowl so we get high as fuck!
by Nachomccrotcho April 13, 2008
The highest amount of THC from Marijuana. Made when marijuana is grinded and the THC crystal is sorted from the rest of bud
This keef has got me chokin but blazed
by Jolt December 31, 2003
(verb) To increase the awesomeness of something (in general), as keef added to a bowl makes it kick-ass.
Dude: I just put Amaretto in my margarita.
Friend: Way to keef it up!

I totally keefed my rig with new wheels and a 10 speaker sound system.
by keefing November 01, 2013

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