a person with the most beautiful soul that you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. kayla's tend to care a lot about other people and are generally just good people. they are the most honest and genuine people you will ever know. if you have a kayla for a friend you are truly blessed because you will never meet another person like them. they are unusual and imaginative and beautiful in every sense of the word. some of them have ginger hair, some have eyes that change color every day. and that's what makes them even more special. they are smart, really smart. and funny (they seem to really like puns). they also have this special ability to brighten peoples days. they have the most infectious laugh you will ever hear and this special, unexpected smile. a smile like keira knightley in pride and prejudice. you might also only meet one kayla in your lifetime, but when you do, hold on to her because they are the most amazing people. kayla's are the happiest most lovable beings on the planet. you can count on that. who knows. you might even find yourself falling in love with one of them one day. and then, my friend, you would be a very lucky person.
kayla has that unexpected keira knightley smile.
by that girl who types a lot June 01, 2014
A Kayla is a beautiful female, has a great smile she is funny, witty, caring and spontaneous. Kayla enjoys playing sports, big cities ex. New York and likes to take cruises. Kayla wil be there to help you get through the rough times, If you find a Kayla do not let her go.
Kayla is a keeper
by juanpist October 20, 2011
Kayla is a slightly short girl with a fun personality. She is often hiding from people or causing minor drama but it never lasts long. Cannot stay mad at someone for long. Absolutely needs somebody to talk to, and somewhat desperate for a friend. Most likely to be a brunette with brown eyes. She's into video games, rock and pop music, art, singing, acting, sports and adventures. Tends to be VERY loud and finds herself annoying. She is not perfect, she tries to make people happy by changing herself at times but never succeeds. She is an intelligent and independent girl at times. Can also be very clumsy. She falls for someone very easily, and people tell her she can get any guy she wants because of her looks. She is very self conscious, and has a low self-esteem. She is a tomboy but girly at the same time. She doesnt believe she is naturally beautiful but many people think otherwise. She is not the skinniest person you will meet, but she is curvy and just the right size. Kayla is a very insecure girl and she wants a guy to make her feel beautiful. She is very romantic and simple and loves to cuddle and give hugs. Bottom line, Kayla is special in her own way.
Person 1: Have you seen that short brunette over there?

Person 2: Yeah. That's Kayla. She's pretty, isn't she?

Person 1: Yup. And loud, I can hear her from here!
by kmca June 24, 2014
The most beautiful and nice girl in the world! She is the most smartest girl in her school. She is hilarious and fun girl you'll ever meet! She is love able and an angel!
Kayla is so awesome!
by Mwah12345 October 30, 2013
A girl who is slightly fat, and is very overly posessive generally. She thinks she is the hottest girl around and dresses like a slut, e ven though she is gross and unlikeable. She goes out with people you know and epically fails at making you jealous.
Fat Person 1: Hey, that girl is hot. She's probably named Kayla.
Person 2:That's because you're fat.
by OWNAGE99988 May 28, 2011
Most gorgeoussus girl ever and the best girl ever in bed! she has a big ass and big boobs! great legs and has no flaws. even though she likes to inflict pain she is still perfect.

(but she doesnt realize that she is so perfect)
Kayla likes to wrestle and hit me but i dont mind because she is perfect :)
by FARMER MIKE June 04, 2011
A "Pale Goddess". A Kayla usually has flowing dark hair and rich brown eyes. A Kayla is perfectly proportioned, not one aspect too large or too small. The Kayla is artistic, enjoys metal, and has an intelligence of superior. (However, it does not even compare to an Alec) The Kayla is beautiful, creatingeenvy and temptation in everyone's hearts. The Kayla may have self doubt at times, but it gets quickly replaced with compassion for the Kayla's friends. If YOU are a Kayla/ friends with one, you are one of the more lucky people in the world.
*Person 1* Oh my god, that chick over there, is such a Kayla!

*Person 2* Dude, you should ask her out!

*Person 1* Do I look like an Alec to you?

*Person 2* Hmmm... You're right. You are an Edwin at best.
by Quickdren April 26, 2013

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