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Kayla stands for "Queen" in the Italin language. Kaylas are energetic beyond comprehension! They have unlimited imagination and enjoy Anime, video games, gambling and fantasy. They are conventionally beautiful but enjoy a tom-boyish lifestyle, unfeathered by tons of make-up, fashion trends and gossip. They are good in math and also enjoy history.
Kayla is more beautiful than you would imagine, being that she is so into anime and video games.
by Siciliansag August 05, 2008
Of Italian / French ancestory. An old tale speaks of an Aristocratic French family being angry at one of their kin marrying into an Italian family. The couple was ostresized and had to live in the woods. Poor and starving, they began to plunder passers-by. Eventually, they began killing, too. Their favorite passtime was skinning their victims. They became known as Skin Hounds.
The Frontiero family was ostresized and forced to live in the woods. They became known as Skin Hounds, killing innocent victims and skinning the people for fun.
by Siciliansag August 05, 2008

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