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Kayla is a person that no mater how many time u may tell here not to do something she will go off and do what she wants to she loves to have fun and love to eat but still is a pretty picky eater likes to be involved in drama not know to back down from a augment or fights can sometime be an asshole but is a sweet heart at the same time she means what she says but offend goes back on her word in the name of love.
kayla is an amazing and beautiful girl
by gtuoiegiegj853put9eijri5g8530d February 18, 2013
13 21
The most amazing beautiful girl in the world who no matter what will forgive you no matter how stupid you were to her. she is the girl that nobody really talks to because no one gets to now her.she is always funny, always kind and generous and always someone you can rely on. She is cute, short and a little round but so adorable. she is just the most lovable person in the whole world and if you don't love her there is obviously something wrong with you.
Girl: hey want to come over and hang out with me and Kayla?
Dude: yeah sure, but who's Kayla?
Girl: that girl in English class who sits in the back reading.
Dude: oh she is super cute :) yeah i'll definitely be right over.
by Pahnda April 29, 2012
15 23
the most amazing perfect girlfirend in the world! has the best personality shes a fun loavble girl shes a great time to be around she nos how to cheer anyone up: thats the truth! shes super sexy, beautiful, cute, hot, delicious, and every other word that means good looking! kayla is always there for everyone no matter what u can take her throu hell an she is still standing there for you:) she is deffinalty the one anyone could fall in love with <33 i seriously couldnt ask for anyone better becuz she is the best there is
by bswift January 07, 2012
26 34
A Kayla is a beautiful female, has a great smile she is funny, witty, caring and spontaneous. Kayla enjoys playing sports, big cities ex. New York and likes to take cruises. Kayla wil be there to help you get through the rough times, If you find a Kayla do not let her go.
Kayla is a keeper
by juanpist October 20, 2011
23 31
The most beautiful and nice girl in the world! She is the most smartest girl in her school. She is hilarious and fun girl you'll ever meet! She is love able and an angel!
Kayla is so awesome!
by Mwah12345 October 30, 2013
8 25
A beautiful and powerful woman that entrances men akin to the sirens of Ancient Greece and just like these mythical creatures the beauty and appeal is a ruse. A Kayla draws you in and siphons your energy from you much like a vampire or succubus. This 'siphoning' eventually becomes bothersome and boring to her and she discards the used husk of a man like a gnawed apple core. When approaching a Kayla one should proceed with caution and being armed with an improvised weapon fashioned from razor sharp wit or an iron will can increase your odds of survival. Again, take caution, these creatures are dangerous and cunning, few can resist their wiles and even fewer walk away unscathed.
The Kayla smiled and behind her beautiful eyes a hungry predatory darkness lurked barely within view.

The Kayla has arrived, prepare to hate yourself.
by The Dark Comedian June 12, 2013
8 25
A "Pale Goddess". A Kayla usually has flowing dark hair and rich brown eyes. A Kayla is perfectly proportioned, not one aspect too large or too small. The Kayla is artistic, enjoys metal, and has an intelligence of superior. (However, it does not even compare to an Alec) The Kayla is beautiful, creatingeenvy and temptation in everyone's hearts. The Kayla may have self doubt at times, but it gets quickly replaced with compassion for the Kayla's friends. If YOU are a Kayla/ friends with one, you are one of the more lucky people in the world.
*Person 1* Oh my god, that chick over there, is such a Kayla!

*Person 2* Dude, you should ask her out!

*Person 1* Do I look like an Alec to you?

*Person 2* Hmmm... You're right. You are an Edwin at best.
by Quickdren April 26, 2013
11 28