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A totally awesome friend who can be close to a sister.
Not too tall, short, skinny, or fat, but at just the right middle. Has naturally brown or dark-blonde hair. Pretty in her own unique way.
Likes anime and manga, video games, cats, foxes, animals in general, and more. Can have a slightly perverted mind, but no matter.
She's a Kayla; let's go talk to her! =D
by Pokebreeder123 April 28, 2009
One of the four administrators of Warrior Cats: The RPG ( No, not the one on ProBoards. It's on ZetaBoards; Google it. You know you want toooooo... ).
Generally known around the site as either amusing or annoying.
He's also found to be quite the pervert.
Characters are Cracklestar and Twigspine.
Me: Let's go to WC and see who's on today... oh, hi Cracklestar!
Paddyod: Hi. Tits. Show me plOx!
Me: Um... no.
by Pokebreeder123 May 15, 2009

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