the oblivious type, with the hottest legs on campus. she frequents the frat boys, but still lets you know that she's innocent. She has nice curls and a rockin bod, but could use some extra padding around the bust. Her face is sometimes compared to that of easter island statues however shes soft on the eyes. She prefers to be on top, of the bunk bed that is, but she is always up for snuggling sharing time. She quite generous but sometimes forgetful and her wallet is as tight as her ass. In conversation she shows her brains, especially in the sicences. Overall shes a beauty with a body and a hottie who wont take no shotty service.
Freind 1:Oh man I got lost in the student union. But at least I look good.

Friend 2: You mean the one place on campus you walk through everyday?
Aw, stop being such a Katy.
by pittgurllova April 19, 2011
A goddess.
She's a happy girl. Who, regardless of how much she's gone through, remains strong and calm in a crisis.
Person 1: HELP!
Katy: Its cool, i've got this.
by LOMONE January 24, 2012
The Missouri, Kansas, Texas railroad made famous in the blues song "She Caught The Katy And Left Me A Mule To Ride." "She Caught The Katy And Left Me A Mule To Ride" has been covered by several blues singers and bands like The Blues Brothers and Taj Mahal.
The Katy is running on time today, I better get to the platform.
by The Pretzelman March 08, 2010
An Irish beauty that you won't ever come across again. An absolute treasure that you never thought you'd discover. A woman with such mesmerizing green eyes that you will no doubt become lost in them. She smells sooo good, that her scent becomes cemented into your sense of smells memory. Your hands won't touch softer skin. Your lips, once after kissing hers, will visualize a 4th of July finale. Her body...whoa...don't get me started! She has some of the cutest little quirks you will ever see. Her laugh is so cute too, and her smile...yeah, her smile might be brighter than a full moon itself. When it comes to personality, she will make you smile. Laugh. Have long conversations. Talk about random topics such as almond butter to sewing thread. In the end...she'll make you fall in love. Simply put...every man's dream girl. Note: See definition of DREAM GIRL.

Dream Girl
definition: Katy
"Yeah, that girl might be cute, but she's no Katy."
"You might think that the Arc of the Covenant is the treasure of all treasures, but you best step back! Because it's no Katy!"
Boy 1: "Whenever I dream, I always see this girl. This girl that I've never seen before. She's just absolutely gorgeous!"
Boy 2: "Yeah. You know who that is? That's Katy. I've seen her in mine too!"
by Patriknashnl March 11, 2015
(adj.) used to describe the classy girl next door type, mixed in with a little bit of country and a little bit of badass.

describes one who likes to sit back drink beer and have a good time, but will knock your ass out if provoked.

usually spotted wearing torn up jeans, pigtails, baseball or cowboy hat.

much like historys finest:
daisey duke
ellie mae

or todays lovely:
carrie underwood
miranda lambert
"wow, who's that chick in the pick up wearing the john deere hat?"

"i don't know, but she is sooo katy."
by chris jczorlson December 16, 2008
One of the most beautiful girls you will ever have the pleasure to meet.

As well as being graced with such beauty, she also has an extremely beautiful personality. She wears braces but it's just so cute and she has a characteristic which separates her from all the other girls, and that is Innocence- which makes me appreciate how much of a lovely and rare girl she is.

If I had to pick one issue it would be your shyness; however this just makes me desire you more. You're also two years younger but I don't care about what people will say, love conquers all. I think I'm falling in love with Katy...
That girl has stolen this guys heart....she must be katy
by Eternallyheadoverheels March 08, 2012
someone who should date kallen, she is a definite sandbox. people call her hot milk, why? cuz ve are ze milk meeen. she is soooooooo tall, like very very tall bro.
hey look its katy!
by itsthechow November 18, 2011

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