A Katy is a type of girl who over obsesses with a guy. She does everything EXCEPT talk to him such as: figure out where he hangs out, always walk the way so she'll see him, finds his profile, gets all buggy if he isnt there that day, and constantly talks about him.

She's the type where you can go to her crying saying "OMG MY DOG DIED" and she'll say "HEY! He has a dog!"
Girl: Hey, did you see that one guy? He's so hot. I know so much about him and I've never even talked to him!

Friend: Omg, you're pulling a Katy
by koguchi christian May 07, 2009
An excessively overweight person who is usually a lesbian who descends from bisexual or lesbian parents with usually a blind father who doesn't know where to point his cock
Katy Ferdinand is such a katy person
by !that_Guy_69_69! April 11, 2010
A devious whore. She may look sweet and innocent, and she may appear to care about your feelings. But if you turn your back for even one second she'll steal your boyfriend and completely erase you from her life. She should not be trusted. Don't tell her any personal information. If you happen to come across a Katy, call animal control.
She seems nice, but I don't trust her. I'm starting to think she's a Katy
by AbsentMindedMastermind October 14, 2009
a girl who is extremely white that you can see the veins. shes sexual but who knows she might have something. she has many men at once. and she gets talked about constantly
ewwww, is she a katy?
by shit lets talk some shit March 14, 2009

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