Katy is a back stabbing bitch. If you tell Katy your secrets, she'll tell them to everyone if you make her mad. Watch out you might be friends with a Katy.
Person A: Omg Katy is such a bitch she told everyone that I lost my virginity!

Person B: I thought you guys were friends.
Person A: So did I.
by BabiiJAK May 27, 2016
someone who should date kallen, she is a definite sandbox. people call her hot milk, why? cuz ve are ze milk meeen. she is soooooooo tall, like very very tall bro.
hey look its katy!
by itsthechow November 18, 2011
One of the most beautiful girls you will ever have the pleasure to meet.

As well as being graced with such beauty, she also has an extremely beautiful personality. She wears braces but it's just so cute and she has a characteristic which separates her from all the other girls, and that is Innocence- which makes me appreciate how much of a lovely and rare girl she is.

If I had to pick one issue it would be your shyness; however this just makes me desire you more. You're also two years younger but I don't care about what people will say, love conquers all. I think I'm falling in love with Katy...
That girl has stolen this guys heart....she must be katy
by Eternallyheadoverheels March 08, 2012
katy is a very beautiful wonderful girl, often attracted to very ugly boys. She is the best friend EVER. She has brown hair and greeny brown eyes, she is stunning. Boys cant keep themselves under control around her. Katy's often have dogs with curly hair. Boys like to take advantage of her and stick their tongues down her throat. She uses big words all the time and hates thick people.
Damn she's hot!
yeah she's a katy.
by abellllllla March 24, 2012
Katy. a girl who likes to have sex with midgets named mason johnson. And the midget mason johnson likes to reverse cowgirl ride donkeys. Katy's also like to hook up with coke sniffing a**holes with huge rabid gorilla dicks and se7en hair
Bitch 1"did you hear about mason hooking up with that katy?"
Bitch 2 "yeah i heard she gave him herpes"
Bitch 1 "oh well shes gonna be surprised cuz he has chylamidia"
Bitch 2 "oh my god! haha glad he didnt tap this azz!"
by bitchlover one August 05, 2011
The most annoying bitch you'll ever meet. She laughs like a hyena. Shes fat & has a double chin. And she changes her best friend every week. She has the worst style ever. And she thinks everyone is jeaous of her.
Hunny, nobody's jealous of your fat chin and horrible style. Stop being a Katy.
by grandmascoookies July 06, 2011
Some ming who gets shagged in a tent on the beach
hey Katy babe, fancy a nice shag in a tent?
by John132 April 14, 2010
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