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Katy is most beautiful girl you will ever meet.
She has the best personality ever, and yet she has that mysterious side that I find so fasinating.
She has so much in common with me and its like we have lived the same lives together.
Its like she is the other half of my life that i have found.
The sad part is, she doesnt know im deeply in love with her. I have to walk around and act like everything is alright. Whenever i talk to her, its like the world has stopped, and its just me and her.
katy is the best person in the world.
by Shane McCutcheon November 03, 2010
A fabulous girly girl! Absolutely crazy.. weird strange amusing.. dark hair small.. TRES SKINNY.

ha lush. x
Woah, she looks like a katy!
by silverducky May 01, 2009
a Girl who's not like any other girl. Everything about her is amazing. Her eyes, her hair, her smile, her lips, her skin, her kisses, her hugs. Every little feature is great. she's the perfect girl and you see her flawless. Shes the type of girl you will always love no matter what. You couldnt feel luckier with a girl. God's greatest creation.
"No one can beat a Katy"
a non-dishwasher emptier
shes a katy
by ylime25 February 04, 2009
A girl that realizes her worth and makes it known to all potential male persuits that 'This shit ain't for free'.
Male: 'How bout you back that up'

Katy: 'Um.....this shit ain't for free, beotch'. 'Pay to play or pay to lay......the choice is yours'.
by biospunk February 03, 2010
The sweetest girl u will ever meet. She has long curly brown hair, and an amazing booty. Shes cute & sweet, but doesnt take shit from no one, especially when some hoe wants her man. Shes an amazing friend, an animal lover, the type of girl u would bring home for your mom to meet, but also the type of girl u show off to your friends. Your mom will love her but your ex will hate her.
I wish she was single, shes such a katy mmm... :)
by xlildevilqt247 August 13, 2011
extremely nice girl that is pale, tall and brunette. she loves monkeys and likes to swim. she is sometimes a little bit annoying but is very sweet and nice. she loves to shop and hang out with her friends and i love her
wow i think i just saw katy
by boarderdude May 07, 2011