Katy is most beautiful girl you will ever meet.
She has the best personality ever, and yet she has that mysterious side that I find so fasinating.
She has so much in common with me and its like we have lived the same lives together.
Its like she is the other half of my life that i have found.
The sad part is, she doesnt know im deeply in love with her. I have to walk around and act like everything is alright. Whenever i talk to her, its like the world has stopped, and its just me and her.
katy is the best person in the world.
#katy #awesome #beautiful #she #doesnt #know
by Shane McCutcheon November 03, 2010
A fabulous girly girl! Absolutely crazy.. weird strange amusing.. dark hair small.. TRES SKINNY.

ha lush. x
Woah, she looks like a katy!
#katy #girl #nice #lovely #sweety
by silverducky May 01, 2009
a non-dishwasher emptier
shes a katy
#katy #ytak #dishwasher #lazy #teenager
by ylime25 February 04, 2009
a Girl who's not like any other girl. Everything about her is amazing. Her eyes, her hair, her smile, her lips, her skin, her kisses, her hugs. Every little feature is great. she's the perfect girl and you see her flawless. Shes the type of girl you will always love no matter what. You couldnt feel luckier with a girl. God's greatest creation.
"No one can beat a Katy"
#perfect #amazing #beautiful #sexy #best-girl in the world
A girl that realizes her worth and makes it known to all potential male persuits that 'This shit ain't for free'.
Male: 'How bout you back that up'

Katy: 'Um.....this shit ain't for free, beotch'. 'Pay to play or pay to lay......the choice is yours'.
#katy #free #worth #persuit #pay
by biospunk February 03, 2010
the oblivious type, with the hottest legs on campus. she frequents the frat boys, but still lets you know that she's innocent. She has nice curls and a rockin bod, but could use some extra padding around the bust. Her face is sometimes compared to that of easter island statues however shes soft on the eyes. She prefers to be on top, of the bunk bed that is, but she is always up for snuggling sharing time. She quite generous but sometimes forgetful and her wallet is as tight as her ass. In conversation she shows her brains, especially in the sicences. Overall shes a beauty with a body and a hottie who wont take no shotty service.
Freind 1:Oh man I got lost in the student union. But at least I look good.

Friend 2: You mean the one place on campus you walk through everyday?
Aw, stop being such a Katy.
#oblivious #hottie #small boobs #curly #science #night at the museum
by pittgurllova April 19, 2011
A goddess.
She's a happy girl. Who, regardless of how much she's gone through, remains strong and calm in a crisis.
Person 1: HELP!
Katy: Its cool, i've got this.
#name #katy #goddess #beautiful #cloud
by LOMONE January 24, 2012
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