an overrated skank who thinks she can write songs, but her lyrics are the archetype of retardation, songs like "I kissed a girl" and "UR so gay" are songs that can drop one's IQ points 10 pts within a sample of the song, the full song can do SERIOUS damage, so beware
Honor Student: I just got another A on my math test time to celebrate by watching some music videos

*Katy Perry's I kissed a girl video plays through*

Honor Student's mother: Henry stop banging your head on the wall!!

Honor Student(Henry):DUUUHHHH!!!
by Dr Jester February 01, 2009
She is super inspirational. Her song firework really helped me through tough times when my ipod died. Her chorus for firework is so magical when she rhymes boom boom boom with moon moon moon, i die of happiness. Also you you you is rhymed with moon moon moon. Lastly, she tops it off with rhyming ah ah ah with ah ah ah.
"boom boom boom, even brighter then the moon moon moon! It's always been inside of you you you, you'll make 'em go ah ah ah when you shoot across the skah skah skah *cue Katy Perry shooting across sky going "weeee!"* you're gonna leave 'em goin' ah ah ah"
by the belter January 02, 2011
A poor mans Zooey Deschanel.
Person 1: Wow, Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel look exactly the same.

Person 2: Yes they do, except that Zooey Deschanel is actually a genuinely talented singer, actress and model who doesnt need to dress and behave like a slut to achieve fame and popularity. Unlike a certain Katy Perry.

Person 1: Lol, yeah.
by oh that dog o mine January 07, 2011
A talentless, homophobic, bulimic turd.
When I first heard Katy Perry's song "I Kissed a Girl," I figured she was a life-long dedicated smoker. After seeing her live on TV at New Years 2009, she just turned out to be a shitty singer with terrible lyrics who used studio editing to make her records sell and not sound off-key. She was pretty hot, but then I noticed this giant bra strap showing from beneath her thin shirt, connoting fake tits were afoot, and by circumstantial evidence, it is possible that she throws up to stay skinny.
by lee wolfgang October 24, 2009
Someone who gets a lot of nominations but never wins any of those.

Katy Perry-ied
At the promenade, Karen got nominated for Prom Princess, Most Photogenic, Best Dressed Female and Best Smile.
She never won any of those. She got Katy Perry-ied.

You're such a Katy Perry!
by *j February 26, 2011
An absolutely terrible pop musician. Writes droll and meaningless songs and cannot sing.

Also ate shit at MTV's VMAs after slipping on a cake she had used as a stage prop.
Oh man, Katy Perry just ate shit on stage! That was hilarious!
by imapiratearg October 24, 2008
A two-faced bitch who, while she does make some catchy songs, is still extremely untalented. She is also apparently a sore loser, as she dedicated her song "You're So Gay!" to the German emo boy-band Tokio Hotel who beat her to the VMA's "Best New Artist of the Year"
Person 1: Did you hear about what Katy Perry did after the VMA awards?

Person 2: No. What did she do?

Person 1: Well this random German emo boy-band called Tokio Hotel won "Best New Artist of the Year" Award and apparently Katy Perry wasn't happy about.

Person 2: Why? What did she do to them?

Person 1: She wanted to win that award. However she didn't so she decided to slander them by dedicating her song "You're So Gay" to them.

Person 2: Wow what a bitch.

Person 1: Yeah I feel sorry for Tokio Hotel, they already have enough people who think they're gay just because the lead singer looks likes a transgender. The last thing they needed was for Katy Perry to slander them.
by eioffnoeerafn November 05, 2010
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