a fully grown sperm
You are such a Katy Perry!
by ella1383xra December 22, 2014
A singer who believes that she can write inspirational music, is extremely talented, and is unique because she dyes her hair/changes wigs on a daily basis.
Katy Perry: "Do you ever feel like a plastic bag, drifting through that wind, wanting to started again?"

You: No.
by misspseudonymous April 10, 2012
A popular female singer who makes horrible, ear-piercing songs. The one and only reason why anyone likes her is because of her enormous boobs and her hot ass. The only reason guys buy her albums is because it will give her reasons to perform on stage and dance around half-naked so we can jerk off to her.
That girl only has a 100 in math because she fucks the teacher. What a Katy Perry.
by Darth Blaise December 30, 2014
The most beautiful woman to walk the planet. Although she lacks talent she makes up for it in personality and looks.
Guy: "Look! Katy Perry's on SNL!"

Guy 2: "I hope she doesn't sing."

Guy: "Who cares?! She's Beautiful!"
by CONQUISTADORmv December 27, 2011
A beautiful singer with amazing talent! She's funny and kind and married to the hilarious Russell Brand.

Her devoted fans are called 'Katycats'
Em; Did you hear that awesome firework song?

Me; Sure! Katy Perry sung it, of course its awesome!
by IzJH May 01, 2011
Katy Perry is an amazing Pop artist who used to be a christian singer. She has wrote so many amazing songs and inspirational ones too. She makes so many people jealous. They all say that pop singers are whores and that their lyrics don't make sense. I f you actually sat down and listened to more songs other than" I Kissed A Girl" or "Ur So Gay" you would understand. But, no you'd rather sit around and listen to those two songs over and over snd then judge her musical abilities on those two only. I'd like to see you write a song and it go to Number 1 for 5 straight weeks. LISTEN TO OTHER SONGS BY HER AND YOU WILL SEE SHE CAN BE INSPIRATIONAL AND FUNNY! Thanks!
Girl 1: Wow! Listen to this new song Firework!
Girl 2: Who's it by?
Girl 1: KatY Perry!
Girl 2: Oh, that dumb whore?!
Girl 1: You are just jealous that you aren't famous and that she is living her dreams.
Girl 2: (Silence)
Girl 1: BURN!
by Kyrian Nialo July 25, 2011
A talented modern musician who wrote popular songs such as "I kissed a Girl" and "Firework".
Me: Did you hear Katy Perry's new song?
Friend: Yeah. It was different from her old stuff but I like it.
by Jdfk32 January 24, 2011
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